The Swiss Academy of Ophthalmology is a national foundation dedicated to quality assurance, research and continuing education in practical ophthalmology. It acts both in a supporting role and primarily as an initiator of projects and new ideas, and it strives to complement the traditional training, teaching and research activities with new means and impulses.

The Foundation is committed to ensure that high standards of quality are maintained in ophthalmological practice, and it works towards integrating all innovative ideas and projects in the existing structures. It is neutral at sectarian, professional and associative levels and from a health policy perspective, and is completely independent, being free from regulatory, institutional and industrial affiliation.


Ophthalmic care in Switzerland is of a high quality. Nevertheless, illnesses can often be steered towards a better prognosis or even staved off by way of targeted prevention, early detection and modern therapy approaches.

This is the SAoO's area of focus. In addition to the promotion of research and advanced training, we are concerned with supporting ophthalmological practice and equipping primary points of contact with the relevant specialist knowledge. This is why we emphasise the optimisation of general standards of quality and actively work towards knowledge-sharing and innovation.



Für eine optimale Betreuung

The healthcare system in Switzerland is of a high standard. But there are still diseases that we cannot treat; problems that we have not yet overcome. A group of Swiss ophthalmologists founded the Swiss Academy of Ophthalmology to support and ensure research, development and also training and further education at a high level.



The foundation is committed to:

  • optimal practice-oriented research in ophthalmology 
  • an efficient education, training and further education of ophthalmologists e
  • innovation and progress in medicine for the benefit of patients


The foundation organizes:

  • a uniform occupational image of the ophthalmological practice assistant (OMPA)
  • the training, further education and continuing education of the practice staff
  • information sheets, guidelines for practice and patients
  • programs for practice representation, foreign assignments, optimized practice equipment and much more
  • congresses for knowledge transfer and exchange of experience


The foundation supports:

  • projects in medically underserved areas
  • ophthalmologists working in disaster areas and developing countries
  • innovative research projects that contribute to better ophthalmic care of the population
  • training programs for ophthalmologists
  • the exchange of knowledge between various specialists

Fellow of the European Academy of Optometry and Optics

Fellow of the European Academy of Optometry and Optics

Michael Bärtschi, PhD at the European Academy of Optometry and Optics EAOO in Rome. He became a new Fellow of the EAOO on May 17, 2019, congratulations!!!

The 30th Annual Jack Crawford Day

The 30th Annual Jack Crawford Day - Advances That May Change Your Practice


Congratulations to Prof. Daniel Mojon, who was invited to give a lecture at the 30th Jack Crawford Day at the University of Toronto for outstanding contributions to innovation in eye surgery. He was honored for the development of many new minimally invasive strabismus procedures (MISS).